It's National Sandwich Day!


I can remember what my favorite sandwich growing up was. Oscar Myer Ham & American Cheese with Fritos. Yes, I did put Fritos in my sandwich. I later progressed to putting Doritoes. 

I have to say my favorite sandwich in general is an Italian. I have had some great sandwiches in my lifetime, but I thought I'd take this opportunity to list my top five in RVA.

  1. The Industrial at Coppola's. I love Coppola's Deli, for years it has been consistent and provides one with a true New York Deli feel. The Industrial is just a perfect classic Italian Sando.
  2. The Cuban at Kuba Kuba. Hands down has been my favorite Cuban sandwich in the city. The pork is delectable and the bread is always pressed perfectly.
  3. Aosta Valley Panini at Cafe Rusica. Holy hell! This sandwich trumps all chicken sandwiches with tender grilled chicken smothered in Fontina cheese and on homemade bread.
  4. The Fried Green Tomato BLT at Lulabelles. Probably the best Fried Green Tomato sando in town. Fried delicately and perfectly balanced with Pimento cheese on homemade Amish bread. To die for!
  5. U.M.G.C. (GRILLED CHEESE) at Union Market. Sometimes you just want a really good grilled cheese. I found it here and it doesn't hurt that they have some great soups too! Yes, I go the extra mile and add bacon to it.